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Royal Wig Glue Remover

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100% New quality
Net content: 30ml

Easy to use and clean.
Suit for you to remove the lace wig for yourself.
No irritating smell (only alcohol taste,aromatic taste), do not hurt your hair.
Remove fast, no residue.
Applicable to: nail hair, Bangfa hair, crosses hair, glass hair, nano-no trace of hair and other trace-free hair, ect.

How to use: Drop 1-2 drops along the interface gap of the patch at the interface of the patch, not too much, because this effect is super good, then wait 1-3 minutes, then the patch will tear open, if the hair If there is any residue, wipe it off with a paper towel or a wet wipe.
When not in use, tighten the cap to a cool place to avoid evaporation! !
Do not swallow or get this product in your eyes!